Plan ahead for the
​academic year.

Q: Are single bedrooms available for rent?

A: No.

Q: What is the lease term?

A: Leases run a day or two before the school year starts to the Monday after graduation.

Q: What utilities are included?

A: Grass maintenance and sewer.  

Q: What furnishings are included?

A: Modest furnishings (sofas and tables) are included in each home.  

Q: How do I secure the house?

A: Signed lease and security deposit (one month's rent).

Q: How much parking is available?

A: Off street parking for several vehicles is available at each house.

Q: Does the landlord work with realtors?
A: The landlord does not, and will not, pay realtor finder fees. 

Q: What is the monthly rent?
A: Rent varies by the size of the home, number of tenants, and location. The rental rate does not mimic that of estimated rates found on real estate websites.